The goal of this project was to completely open up the space, rethinking the functionality and giving the client optimal usage for their needs. As a result, a huge built in tub was replaced by a spacious curbless walk in shower elegantlydefined with a thin blackframed glass enclosure. Client’s subtle taste was accommodated by letting a combination of neutralfinishes sing together. Terrazzo tile flooring runsseamlessly throughout the space and into the shower. Marble wall tile helps to create a light and spacious feel. Textured oak adds warmth and character, while black accents provide contrast and an element of drama. Resulting space is a spa-like master ensuite with plenty of natural light, storage and a calm and peaceful vibe.




A client with an extensive background in the visual arts came in looking for guidance in streamlining her vision. From early meetings it became evident that this couple is looking for a warm and inviting contemporary space with an eclectic industrial vibe where they can enjoy their retirement and host company. 


Through a process of multiple meetings, the designer helped the couple to define their vision for their space, to finalize the layout and to narrow down the aesthetic which would elicit a sense of comfort and excitement at the same time. Existing L-shaped kitchen with a very small island was reconfigured into a streamlined galley layout. Taking the cabinetry off the window allowed the couple to replace the windows, flooding the space with natural light and opening it up to the beautiful backyard views. Compact and efficient kitchen layout provides the clients with a thoughtful and organized solution. Tall cabinetry fulfills the storage requirements while a large island gives plenty of counter space for the couple to cook at the same time. 




The client’s original kitchen – about half the size of the new kitchen – was in desperate need of a make over. The existing space was not only small, dysfunctional and short on counter space but also very tired and uninspiring in its aesthetic. The first step was to confirm that the wall separating the space can be removed which allowed the designer to open the kitchen to the living room, letting in plenty of natural light. A new wall was added to create a separate space for a closet/pantry where the family could drop off jackets, bags and groceries upon entering from the garage. The new kitchen is spacious, warm and inviting – ideal for cozy evenings at home with the family or for hosting larger gatherings. A well-planned kitchen triangle combined with lots of storage and a large island with abundant counter surface is a dream come true for a foodie family that loves to cook and entertain. 


When it came to form, the client was looking for neutral and timeless aesthetic that would contribute to a calming and warm ambiance of their home. Designer selected a palette of warm greys and browns, combining variety of textures to build a multi-dimensional dynamic space that is anything but dull. Rich dark wood in lower cabinets and island plays against the timeless textures of the tall cabinets and sleek glossy upper cabinets balanced around the hood. Light quartz countertop with soft veining brightens up the space, contrasting against the warm and dark wood tones. Matte black faucet and cabinets hardware add an edgy contemporary feel to the space, while the beautiful geometric stone backsplash and smoked glass pendants are a subtle element of glam and sparkle. 


Designer has added some open shelving allowing the client the opportunity to accessorize and personalize the final look of the kitchen, breathing in life and warmth by displaying cookbooks, dishware and beautiful décor and artefacts. 


The family is thrilled to have a space that is so effortlessly well suited to cooking, eating and entertaining – one that is sure to set the stage for many precious family moments and memories to come!



Client’s original U-shaped kitchen was short on storage and counter space. The client was really hoping for an island but saw no way of fitting it into the space without doing a major costly expansion. Designer’s solution was to get the millwork off of the window wall, going with an L-shape kitchen design instead. This allowed for a generous island with enough seating to accommodate the growing family. 


Working with and elaborating on the client’s vision, designer decided on an aesthetic that is as timeless as it is current; elegant yet edgy; transitional yet in tune with the current trends. Classic white perimeter kitchen is balanced with a slate grey island which is accented with beautiful satin brass hardware. Quartz countertops with subtle Statuarioveining and stunning herringbone marble backsplash add an air of elegance and refinement; while the wall of concrete planks and floating walnut shelves around the corner create balance by injecting a subtle industrial vibe. Two Kelly Wearstlerpendants in starburst shape and gilded finish are a definite statement, adding sparkle and drama to this carefully balanced multidimensional space. 


From a functionality perspective, the client’s wish list was fulfilled by going above and beyond a standard offering – such as equipping the space with a Galley workstation instead of a traditional sink, adding pullout drawers inside tall pantry cabinets, and custom tilt-out cabinets for client’s baking sheets. Every step of the family’s daily life was carefully considered and taken into account during planning and design stages of the process


As a testimony to the success of the renovation, the client claims that the new space has become her favourite space in the home, greatly improving the way that the family cooks, eats, interacts and entertains.