A client with an extensive background in the visual arts came in looking for guidance in streamlining her vision. From early meetings it became evident that this couple is looking for a warm and inviting contemporary space with an eclectic industrial vibe where they can enjoy their retirement and host company. 


Through a process of multiple meetings, the designer helped the couple to define their vision for their space, to finalize the layout and to narrow down the aesthetic which would elicit a sense of comfort and excitement at the same time. Existing L-shaped kitchen with a very small island was reconfigured into a streamlined galley layout. Taking the cabinetry off the window allowed the couple to replace the windows, flooding the space with natural light and opening it up to the beautiful backyard views. Compact and efficient kitchen layout provides the clients with a thoughtful and organized solution. Tall cabinetry fulfills the storage requirements while a large island gives plenty of counter space for the couple to cook at the same time.